Song ideas..

I cover a range of styles from classical to musicals to pop. Many couples prefer the traditional 'Ave Maria' however some prefer their own 'special' song(s).

If you are planning a non-Church wedding then songs cannot include any religious content and the words will need the registrar's approval. In one such instance I was able to change 2 religious words in a song so that it was approved.

I have been singing for many years so have quite a stock of songs, however here is a small selection of some of the most popular choices:

Ave Maria
All the Way
Close to You
I Can Give You The Starlight
One Hand, One Heart
This is the Moment
We've Only Just Begun
You Light Up My Life

Sometimes couples prefer 2 or 3 songs - in which case I can put together a mini-montage. Also if you are unsure about any songs, I can send CD's so you can choose with a greater knowledge.